The Spirits of St.Petersburg
16age limit 1-10 players 2 h. 5,67 km

The Spirits of St.Petersburg

The spirits of St. Petersburg - Center of the city which you have never seen before



Говорят, что Петербург немного остановился в развитии, застрял в прошлом и так и не стал современным мегаполисом с высотками из стекла и бетона, широкими проспектами и толпами спешащих куда-то людей (Москва, прости). Все попытки глобальных перестроек и переделок неминуемо проваливались, кто бы и в какую эпоху их не затевал. Причина одна: старый город, который мы ценим таким, какой он есть, охраняют духи! И горе тому, кто попытается их потревожить или пойти им наперекор. Зато тем, кто любит Петербург, они помогают во всех начинаниях. Давайте проверим, окажутся ли эти духи сегодня на вашей стороне.

Точка старта: ст. метро "Гостиный двор", Санкт-Петербург

How it works?


Your team during one evening will solve numerous puzzles and riddles in different parts of the city. You need a mobile device with permanent internet connection. All riddles and clues will appear on your phone one by one.

How Many?

A team of 2 to 10 people can play this game. Great option to have fun with friends or colleagues at night.


Choose an appropriate day for you. The game should start from 08:00 to 18:00. Duration of the game is 2 hours.You do not need to register your game. Just enter your link and start playing.


Total price: 3,500.00


What is “Conspirate” quest?

It is a quest through city – latest entertainment in your city. It will be suitable for any kind of parties (bachelor parties, birthdays, holidays, corporate party etc.) or will just cheer up the evening for a small company. Participants of quest during few hours will solve riddles in the city center, and also perform interesting tasks simultaneously. Tasks will be sent to the smartphone.

How do the quest starts?

The quest begins by clicking on initialization link previously sent on your e-mail. Keep the e-mail with the initialization link till the end of the game! If you begin the quest in other part of the city, you may not have enough time to complete the quest. Your starting location is written on our website in the description of the quest

What is necessary to complete the quest?

All participants must be at least 18 years old. For non alcohol quests, the allowed age is 14 and older.
Access to registered email.
Smartphone or tablet with internet connection (have several devices in case of battery discharge).

What to do if battery dies?

If during the game you suddenly discharge your phone (or any other mobile device from which you play), you can just log in to the quest from other device and continue a game from where you stopped.
For this you only need to go to your e-mail and continue the game by clicking on initialization link previously sent on your mail.

What to do if cannot solve the puzzle?

If you can't solve a puzzle, use hints. Hints will automatically appear on your mobile device with a certain interval. Depending on a riddle the number of hints can change.

How long it will take to do the city quest?

Passing time is different in each case as everything depends on the speed of solving the puzzles, and how quick you can find certain locations. And also you shouldn't forget that first of all you gathered to have fun and hurry the end of a quest isn't necessary.
However, minimum time of passing of quest is about 2 hours.